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Not all solutions are worth investing in! Surface-level strategies and cookie-cutter services rarely ever benefit any organization which is why we stay far away from them. At Solutions Afoot, our approach to app development and maintenance is holistically integrated. We believe that a great application is rooted in a strong foundation. Verily, our experts collaborate with the client to bring their vision to life. By gauging the scope of the service to analyzing the needs of your business, we create highly bespoke solutions meant to drive unmatched levels of success.


Our Caspio professionals know how important planning is for successful application development. Verily, our approach to the first step in project planning involves considerable diligence. From Targeted Touchpoint ™ Mapping and app ecosystem building to workflow diagramming, there’s a lot added to the mix. Thus, by envisioning different aspects of the application, we set the groundwork for successful project completion through systems engineering and customized Caspio learning.

App Deployment


The final step in our app development process covers CMS, website, as well as SharePoint access. We provide seamless app integrations and optimize through API automation. Thus, enabling businesses to store their information on a cloud database secure from the hassles of a traditional server. To create an optimally scalable application that supports businesses, Solutions Afoot’s omnichannel application operations connect to various company portals leaving limitless deployment capabilities at your disposal.


Right after the planning phase is finalized, we divert to transforming the app idea into a measurable front. Our project management and oversight are led by the most experienced programmers in the industry with unparalleled specialties in API, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and .NET CASPIO. Our developers build prototypes to test our application capabilities hands-on. Whereby, we troubleshoot problems arising from bugs and conduct revision control. This service also features Zapier Webhook Integrations. To top it off, we are 100% HIPAA and EU GDPR compliant paving the way for a resilient software framework that delivers real results!

Custom Coding
Management and Support


Building an application is never enough unless it’s backed by proper maintenance and updates. To ensure consistent operability and productive Caspio integrations at the company, our experts offer end-to-end support and hassle-free management of your customized systems. This involves account administration, assembly, and helpdesk management through personalized and educative opportunities for your business partners, workforce, and clients.